My garage door is jammed. Can I fix that myself or do I need help?

It is recommended to leave door as is and call for professional help in most cases sometimes you end up making the problem worse not knowing exactly what is wrong and causing damage to door and risk getting injured . Few Reasons door may be stuck are cable off ,door out of track,broken spring, damaged tracks

Do I need garage door insulation?

Insulation is totally optional to the homeowner and not necessary however it does make a great upgrade in making it a quieter better quality and solid door as well as keeping heat and cold out

What types of door selection do I have?

We carry and deal with most popular door manufacturing companies and styles in both commercial and residential from sectional doors ,sheet doors ,wind loaded roll ups ,rolling steel,counter shutters ,rolling grills

How long should door springs last?

There are different types of springs which depends on cycles some springs are rated for 6,000, 10,000 cycles and high cycle springs 6-8 years on average

What maintenance can I do for my garage door?

lubricating all rotating bearings ,making sure all screws are tight is a good practice that can be done as preventive maintenance and once 1 year at least have a profession give it an inspection to check balance ,tracks spring tension and any other adjustments needed including motor